G10 Graphene Filter

  • Removes Chemicals
  • Removes Pesticides
  • Removes Heavy Metals
  • Ideal for home or cottage water filtration
  • Removes odors, bad tastes, chemicals, pesticides & heavy metals from water
  • Retains essential minerals & electrolytes for a healthy, great tasting water
  • Estimated 6 months lifespan before replacement (varies on usage)
  • No odors
  • No bad taste
  • No chemicals
  • No sludge

The G10 Premium Graphene Filtration Cartridge features unique granular materials to actively remove more unwanted water contaminants than traditional activated carbon filters, while maintaining excellent water flow efficiency. 

Dimensions 6.4cm x 25.4cm
2.5" x 10"
Weight 0.45kg (1lb)
Flow Rate 3.8L / min (1 GPM)
Operating Pressure 30-75 PSI
Input Water Temp 4-38° C (40-100° F)

*Cartridge lifetime may vary depending on usage and water conditions. Replace cartridge if there is a noticeable reduction in flow.

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G10 Graphene Filtration Cartridge

How G10 Filtration Works

Using Granular Activated Carbon and Graphene Oxide BioComposite Type A & C

G10 filter cartridges contain a proprietary weighted blend of Graphene Oxide BioComposite Type A & C and granular activated carbon. This groundbreaking formula causes contaminants in water to bind to the filter’s adsorbent material instead of the water, allowing water molecules to flow through the cartridge as purified drinking water.

The G10 filters outperform competitor activated carbon filters; with superior filtration efficiency and capacity for heavy metal contaminants such as Mercury, Arsenic, Lead and others. The unique adsorbent blend of materials provides a longer lifespan than traditional carbon filtration systems and can be replaced quickly and easily.

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